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#bencode_py3 1.1329139006

This package simply re-packages the existing bencoding and bdecoding implemention from the "official" BitTorrent client as a separate, leight-weight package for re-using them without having the entire BitTorrent software as a dependency.

It is based on the implementation from BitTorrent Version 5.0.8. The same calls are supported, but are implemented differently in order to be compatible with Python 3.

Originally packaged by Tom Lazar,

It contains tests and a benchmark.

If you want to use this as a drop-in replacement for bencode, install it, and then copy the bencode_py3 directory in your site-packages to bencode, or else change your import statements.

Partially ported to work with Python 3 by Adam Delman.

Remainder ported to Python 3 and packaged by Josh Rodd,

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