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A Swift Playground that demonstrates how users can use algorithms to create abstract art
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“Art And Algos” is a Swift Playground that can be run on an iPad, and demonstrates how users can use algorithms, in this case delaunay triangulation, to create abstract art.

Delaunay triangulation is a concept in Computational Geometry which, when applied, creates triangles from a set of points according to specific properties.

In the app, the user is showed three different usages of the algorithm to create art. The first shows the structure of the deulanay triangles and their circumcircles, one of the shapes the triangulation depends on. Next, the app shows how different color schemes and triangulation sizes can be applied with the code to create different patterns. Finally, the triangulation is applied to an image, where a user can choose any of three images, where the code finds colors of the image at different points corresponding to the center of the triangles, creating an abstract art representation of the image – “painted” by the algorithm.

I was inspired to use Delaunay triangulations from an algorithms class I took, where we briefly covered one of its applications, and thought I could use it in a cool way to demonstrate how code and algorithms can create “art."

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