Web service to render your tumblr dashboard as an RSS feed.
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Turns your tumblr dashboard into an RSS feed. An installation of this service is currently running on my website at tumblr2rss.obstack.net. Just follow the instructions on that page and you will get a link like http://tumblr2rss.obstack.net/v2/dashboard/<random-junk>.rss which can be used in your feed reader of choice.

If you want to set up your own install follow the instructions listed here:


As a step 0, you'll need to register a new "App" with tumblr and get an OAuth consumer key and secret. This process is not particularly difficult, but somewhat involved, so I will not detail it here. I'll assume you already have them.

First, clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/Joshkunz/tumblr2rss.git

Then make a copy of the skeleton configuration file:

cp config.yaml.skel config.yaml

and fill in all the necessary fields. Most important are the consumer_key and consumer_secret fields you got from tumblr. You'll need some random data in the secret_key field of this config. You can use the included scripts/make-secret-key script to generate a strong key for you. I'm going to assume you used the defaults for the rest of this guide.

The next thing you'll want to do is create a sqlite database according to the schema located in user.schema. Luckily, tumblr2rss comes with a script that can do that for you:


Finally, you'll need to build and run the server. Tumblr2RSS is built using Bazel, follow the instructions on the Bazel site to install bazel. Once you have bazel installed you can run:

bazel run tumblr2rss -- --config <path/to/your/config.yml>

Which will start the server running on You can customize the server's host and port with the --host and --port flags.


As of writing, the easiest way to distribute tumblr2rss is by using Bazel's --build_python_zip. Run:

bazel build --build_python_zip tumblr2rss

Which should build a zip file like bazel-bin/tumblr2rss/tumblr2rss.zip. This zip file can be run like a normal python file:

python bazel-bin/tumblr2rss/tumblr2rss.zip --help

It can even be copied to another machine and run there, as long as it has a compatible version of Python.