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@Joshua-Ashton Joshua-Ashton released this May 8, 2019

I am pleased and happy to announce the first release of D9VK -- Version 0.10!

It's beginning to run a large amount of modern (ie. Shader Model 2 and 3) D3D9 games fairly well, so I figured I should probably start shipping releases now that we are at this stage.

There are still a few missing features (Shader Model 1 support is incomplete -- as well as fixed function.)

Hopefully you'll try it out and it'll work. If it doesn't please do report an issue!


Please do not use wine's d3d9x or d3dcompiler with d9vk. They make invalid API calls and generate bad shaders. I cannot stress this enough.


  • ドイツ人 (doitsujin): for creating the base of the project, DXVK
  • Rhedox and CME: for helping with debugging
  • VKx and Frog Family Discords: for helping with testing

Thank you and Enjoy! <3

- Josh 🐸

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