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@Joshua-Ashton Joshua-Ashton released this May 12, 2019 · 731 commits to master since this release

hi im release 0.11 now enjoy 🐸
i called it poison dart because thats like a frog thing isnt it


Improved Performance

  • Rewritten buffer code
    • Should be faster in every instance and correct some memory errors.
  • Flushes
    • Flush aggressively when rt of index 0 changes.
    • No longer flush inappropriately on some copies.
    • Mirror D3D11 flush behaviour
      • Should improve some scenarios where a sync is involved.
  • Minor query changes.
  • Defer framebuffer binding until we are about to draw.
    • Avoids needless rebinds saturating CS thread whenever a single RT/DS changes.
  • Implemented partial clears with respect to viewport/stencil and a fastpath if the whole rendertarget is cleared.
    • Fixes shadows in A Hat in Time (1)
  • Support for cube render target/depth stencils
    • Fixes flickering water in TESV: Skyrim

Bug Fixes

  • D3D9
    • Implement memory "tracking" and report OOM errors correctly back to the application.
    • Respect SRGBWRITE when Clear is called for the color.
    • Fixed things being invisible in some games due to vertex texturing being broken (they were always being depth compared)
  • DXSO (Shaders)
    • Fix incorrect index being taken out of the bool bitfield in the shader
      • Fixes shadows in A Hat in Time (2)
    • Correct projected textures (texldp, texProj in HLSL)
    • Correct SinCos implementation
      • Fixes bad colours/incorrect textures in some games.
    • Correct Pointsize
    • Slightly better support for SM1 shaders
      • Fixed incorrect swizzle on address register due to typo
      • Implemented SM1 float "bitshifting"


Please do not use wine's d3d9x or d3dcompiler with d9vk. They make invalid API calls and generate bad shaders. I cannot stress this enough.

If you are compiling with MinGW, please use the dwarf2 exception patch to improve performance.


  • ドイツ人 (doitsujin): for creating the base of the project, DXVK
  • Rhedox and CME: for helping with debugging
  • VKx and Frog Family Discords: for helping with testing

Thank you and Enjoy! <3

- Josh 🐸


I've re-uploaded the release here with a corrected RELEASE version and naming scheme.

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