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Node Graph editor for passing signals around in openFrameworks
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Kortex Node Graph.png


Node Graph editor for passing signals around in openFrameworks, NOTE this is very early days, nothing works and none of the below nodes have been implemeted :)


Inspired by Touch Designer, Max MSP, Quartz Composer and the like. The Goal of this project is to enable a super fun way of manipulating signals that can be plugged into parts of your openFrameworks code. These plots can then be saved and recalled to make presets that define the bahvaiour.

  • Inputs

    • Keyboard and Mouse Events
    • OSC
    • Timeline
    • Serial
    • Ableton Link
    • MIDI
  • Outputs

    • OSC
    • Pangolin Laser Software
    • MIDI
    • Artnet
  • Signals

    • LFO's
    • Perlin Noise
    • Tweens
  • Control

    • MyOpenFrameWorksClass {class variables}

Road Map

Below ive come up with the following nodes that i would like to integrate as a starting point. Basic idea is to have signals that come in, they can be modified in various ways, and then those signals can be plugged into various parameters in your code.

The below road map is what I hope to achieve by the end of 2017. Depending on how things are going phase 2 will look at adding in texture nodes (colour gradients, ofVideoPlayers, ofVideoGrabbers, ofFbo's etc..)

alt text

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