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# Apostrophe Awesome Login Plugin for Apostrophe 1.5

For complete and extensive documentation of Apostrophe please visit
[]( There you'll find a complete manual organized much more conveniently than is possible with a README file.

The Apostrophe Awesome Login Plugin uses a hardcoded jQuery Template and some LESSCSS to give you a quickly accessible Login/Logout form.


- When Logged Out:
	Shift+Escape will bring up the login form with the username/email address field already focused for you!

- When Logged In
	Shift+Escape will bring up the logout confirmation prompt with the Logout button already focused for you. Just hit ENTER to logout!

- Hitting Escape will close the prompt for you and remove it from the DOM


1. Enable the plugin in your project's configuration file. 

2. Publish your plugin assets to create the symlink to the web folder for the plugin

3. Add these files to your project's view.yml

    - /apostropheAwesomeLoginPlugin/css/aAwesomeLogin.less  # styles for the login form / logout prompt

    - /apostropheAwesomeLoginPlugin/js/jquery.tmpl.js       # powers the template being used
    - /apostropheAwesomeLoginPlugin/js/aAwesomeLogin.js     # sets up the keylisteners, generates/destroys the form/prompts

4. That's it, awesome, right?


- Get the jQuery Templates out of the JS file and into partials or *something else* that is more customizable / reusable.
- Make the text i18N compatible