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CarbonNanoSweeper is a game similar to Minesweeper but it's played on a carbon nanotube. It is part of the Minesveeper series on


Left Click Dig a tile

Right Click Place a flag

W, A, S, D Rotate or move the carbon nanotube

Q, E Look to the side

1, 2 Change color scheeme

3, 4, 5, 6 Change textures

Enter Restart

Esc Quit


This project is a Visual Studio Solution. Compile this in Debug or Release x86, this project does not compile using x64!

If you only want to run the compiled .exe just place the resources folder, conatining the shaders and textures, currently located at CarbonNanoSweeper/resources, in the same directory as the .exe!


This project uses the following libraries:

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