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Projektseminar Kooperationstechnologie - Gesichtserkennung mit OpenCV und JavaCV
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Projektseminar Kooperationstechnologie - Gesichtserkennung mit OpenCV und JavaCV Instructions

  1. Prerequisites

    • Download and install OpenCV 3.0 from include native library (e.g., opencv/build/java/x64) in the java native library path

    • Download and install JavaCV from

    • the database of known faces is below faces/

    • the collection of example pictures for a person is in a subdirectory with the person's name, e.g. faces/Christian Rathke/image-0.png, faces/Christian Rathke/image-1.png, ...

  2. Operation

    • run "java 'args' de.hdm.faceCapture.FaceRecogApp" on the command line replacing 'args' by

      1. -classpath FaceRecognizer.jar;FaceRecognizer_lib and
      2. -Djava.library.path=lib/x64 -DCaptureDevice=0
    • the capture device no. may need to be adapted (eg., 1, 2, 3,...)

    • a person's database of example pictures may be augmented by directly taking his picture from the camera or by importing and saving it from an image which contains his face

    • each time a picture is added the face recognizer is retrained with all of the existing pictures

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