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A game demo for Pebble's accelerometer.
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A game demo for Pebble's accelerometer. Senses how hard the Pebble has been shaken and displays your high score.

Building and Running

  1. Open CloudPebble
  2. Click the "Import" button on the right
  3. Click "Import From GitHub"
  4. Give the project a name of your choice
  5. Type "" in the textbox for "GitHub Project"
  6. Press "Import"
  7. Once the IDE loads, choose "Compilation" from the left menu
  8. Press "Run Build"
  9. Once the build finishes do one of the following
  10. Click "Emulator" and "Install on APLITE" OR
  11. Click "Phone" and "Install and Run"
  12. The application should load


  1. Open the application on your Pebble
  2. Press and release any button to begin sensing
  3. Shake your Pebble!
  4. Press any button to finish
  5. Your score and high score are displayed
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