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Simple shell script for automated domain recognition with some tools
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BannerMaintenance made-with-bash MIT license




  • For the use of Aquatone, it is preferable to have a graphical interface on the server on which the script is executed
  • Installation tested on Debian 9 / Kali 2018.4
  • Recon tested on Debian 9 / Ubuntu 18.04 / Kali 2018.4 & 2019.1 / Arch linux (Manjaro 18.x)

Requierement : Golang

git clone
cd AutoRecon

Edit the following variables on & create ToolsDir directories :

ToolsDIR="/root/Recon/Tools" #Directory where tools was installed
GoPath="/root/go" #Your Go Workspace

And the following variables on :

ToolsDIR="/root/Recon/Tools" #Directory where tools was installed
ResultsPath="/root/Recon" #Directory where you want scans results
TransferSH="" #Change this if you have you own
subjackDebug="/root/go/src/" #Subjack bug without this ...

Run installer :



./ -d domain.tld -a -u


Options :

-d | --domain  (required) : Launch passive scan (Passive Amass, Subjack, TkoSubs)
-a | --active  (optional) : Launch active scans (Active Amass, Sublist3r LinkFinder, GoWitness)
-m | --masscan (optional) : Launch masscan (Can be very long & very aggressive ...)
-u | --upload  (optional) : Upload archive on

If your internet connection crash with Masscan options, change --rate options to 100 at line 102

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