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Pentest Web Wiki

Banner Maintained MIT license Work in progress

Repository Github for all my notes about web weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This one can also be viewed on

The organization of this wiki is currently divided into 4 categories :

  • Basics : Categories that gather elements that seem basic to me such as the recognition phase or "quick wins" such as the first steps to take that can quickly & easily lead to a vulnerability.
  • Vulnerabilities : Category that groups different vulnerabilities with different methods to find/exploit them.
  • Technologies : Category that gathers techniques to find bugs and exploiters according to a technology such as GraphQL.
  • Workflow : Category that groups techniques for finding bugs in workflows such as a password reset.

Table of contents


In case you want to contribute, feel free to contact me to get an account directly on the wiki or by creating a PR according to the format as defined here

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