Rhyme a Word. Conversation Planning That's Effective.
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Rhyme a Word. Conversation Planning That's Effective.


Researchers (so I've been told; verification forthcoming) that arguments are more persuasive if they contain a rhyme. If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. It gets it bouncing around in your head. Even if it's just blah blah blah, you must acquit, that's pretty good.

So, this was bounced around as an startup idea, but it failed the does-anyone-want-this test. Well, my mother was excited. That's pretty much it.

But the thing is, I think this would be a superpower. And I already do this stuff. Major conversations are mapped out. There are decision trees. It's seriously hilarious. My brain is big enough to hold the thoughts, and what else am I going to do, if I care about something?

There is no tooling right now.

I want to change that.

###Is it any good?

Yes. Well, the idea is good. We'll see, there's no code yet.

###Can I help?

Yes, of course, but in the same way that people ask for a particular git workflow if you want to help (I don't, just send a pull request), I ask that you have commit messages using the techniques auto-suggested here. Rhyming in the beginning, and as the product opens up, using alliteration, and some other things that's don't even have names yet.