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Tesla Model 3 Search Results

Visual metasearch engine built with React, Redux, Express, and TypeScript.

Live link to site


Spresso Search scrapes search results from Google using the node x-ray library, and uses the same library to scrape obtain meta-information on webpages (preview images, favicons). There is a screenshot feature, which takes screenshots of sites that don't have meta preview images in their HTML. There is also a text-outline feature, powered by node-unfluff, which scrapes text content from web pages(ideal for articles & other text-rich pages), allowing the user to read the contents of a web page in clean, formatted text and without leaving the Spresso Search site.

Running Locally

To run Spresso Search locally, first clone the repo with: git clone

Then cd into its directory: cd spresso-search

Install the dependencies with yarn install

Then run yarn start to run the client side code. The app should be visible on port 3000.

Open a new terminal tab/window in the same directory, and run cd server to go into the server directory.

Run node ./build/server.js to start the server. The app is now ready for use.

If making any modifications to the server's TypeScript code, you should start the TypeScript compiler in watch mode with

tsc -w so your changes can be tracked in the JS build.



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