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A simple API server based on the Perfect web server that reverses strings found in received protocol buffers.
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Protocol Buffers – Perfect Web Server

This is one of two backends I created for experimenting with protocol buffers. The Perfect server uses slightly less memory, as it has fewer options installed by default. Setup is pretty simple using the Perfect Assistant, you just need to add the Protocol Buffers dependency to the Package.swift file.

See also: Protocol Buffers – Vapor Web Server

See also: Client iOS App

Installation Instructions

Already have Swift? Jump to Install Server.

Install Swift

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Install swiftenv using homebrew: brew install swiftenv.
  3. Install Swift using swiftenv: swiftenv install 3.1.1

Install Server

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Open terminal in the directory you just created.
  3. Compile the server: swift build

Running the Server

  1. In the same directory you just built from: .build/debug/ProtobufServer
  2. You should see a message stating that the server has started at localhost:8080
  3. Press Control-C to quit the server.
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