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An image that allows serving arbitrary php apps with nginx
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This Docker image allows for serving php-fpm apps with nginx. It uses Alpine Linux, so it's lean and mean. Designed to be easily used within Docker Swarm.

Usage instructions

This image is designed for use within a Compose file. To use it, you should:

  1. Create a service in your docker-compose.yml file using this image (joshwalsh/nginx-for-php-fpm)
  2. Create a service in your docker-compose.yml file which runs your PHP application with PHP-FPM
    1. The PHP-FPM image can contain the application code anywhere in its filesystem (/var/www/html is commonly used)
    2. The php-fpm.conf file should contain a chdir directive which points to the directory that you want served by nginx (e.g. for a Laravel app, you might wish to serve /var/www/html/public/)
    3. The PHP-FPM service should either be named php-fpm, or should be aliased as php-fpm on a network that the nginx service has access to
    4. The PHP-FPM service should listen on port 9000
  3. Create a named volume to store the content that you want nginx to serve
  4. Add this volume to the php-fpm service so it maps to the location from step 2b
  5. Add this volume to the nginx service so it maps to /var/www/html
  6. Make it so that the nginx service depends_on the php-fpm service
  7. If you want to apply any customisations to the nginx configuration, (e.g. redirect or rewrite rules) you can use a config with the target path set to /etc/nginx/conf.d/custom.conf or you can share it from your php-fpm image via a named volume
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