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The Integer class

SQLite3 can store data in 64-bit signed integers, which are too big for JavaScript's number format to fully represent. To support this data type, better-sqlite3 uses the immutable Integer class. To view the complete Integer documentation, click here.

const { Integer } = require('better-sqlite3');

const integer = Integer('95073701505997');
integer.toString(); // returns "95073701505997"
integer.toNumber(); // returns 95073701505997

const bigInteger = Integer('1152735103331642317');
bigInteger.toString(); // returns "1152735103331642317"
bigInteger.toNumber(); // throws a RangeError, cannot be represented in JavaScript

Binding Integers

Integers can bind to Statements just like regular numbers. You can also return Integers from user-defined functions.

db.prepare("SELECT * FROM users WHERE id=?").get(Integer('1152735103331642317'));
db.prepare("INSERT INTO users (id) VALUES (?)").run(Integer('1152735103331642317'));

Getting Integers from the database

By default, integers returned from the database (including the info.lastInsertRowid property) are normal JavaScript numbers. You can change this default as you please:

db.defaultSafeIntegers(); // Integers by default
db.defaultSafeIntegers(true); // Integers by default
db.defaultSafeIntegers(false); // JavaScript numbers by default

Additionally, you can override the default for individual Statements like so:

const stmt = db.prepare(SQL);

stmt.safeIntegers(); // Safe integers ON
stmt.safeIntegers(true); // Safe integers ON
stmt.safeIntegers(false); // Safe integers OFF

User-defined functions can receive Integers as arguments. You can override the database's default setting like so:

db.function('isInt', { safeIntegers: true }, (value) => {
  return String(value instanceof Integer);

db.prepare('SELECT isInt(?)').pluck().get('foobar'); // => "false"
db.prepare('SELECT isInt(?)').pluck().get(Integer.MAX_VALUE); // => "true"

It's worth noting that REAL (FLOAT) values returned from the database will always be represented as JavaScript numbers.

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