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Plumber API for genius, Docker image, and python code to interact with it.
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genius API

This repository contains code requisite to create a REST API for genius. In this repo you can find the Dockerfile that is used to create a container to host the API. This isn't necessary, but it is helpful.

Building the Docker image

If you want to use the docker image enter the command line and run:

docker pull josiahparry/genius-api:working

docker build -t josiahparry/genius-api .

docker run --rm -p 80:80 josiahparry/genius-api

Assuming everything went well, the api is now accessible from your local host.

An example query is http://localhost:80/track?artist=andrew bird&song=proxy war.

Interacting with Python

Therre is a file called which creates wrappers for the main function in genius. These being genius_lyrics(), genius_album(), and genius_tracklist().

Open the file, and run the code to create the functions.

If anyone wants to help and make a proper python library for this, please do that! I lack the skills.

Running locally without Docker

If you wish to run this api locally without Docker it is quite simple. Clone the repository, open up R with the repo as your working directory and run source("launch_api.R").

Alternatively, you can open the launch_api.R file yourself and run the code manually. All is well.

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