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This is my first Weekend Project using Java and MySQL and the JDBC Library.
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Josionary - JAVA, MySQL & JDBC Project.

Josionary is a dictionary software made in Java using the JDBC API and MySQL, it is currently not available as a standalone application, it can however be ran in Netbeans IDE and other IDEs that can open Java Projects.

Please note that this is a Developer Release, those not familiar with programming might face problems with setting this up.


How To Setup Josionary.

  • You need to have the JDK 8+ installed.
  • Netbeans IDE 8+ installed
  • MySQL Server: WAMP or XAMPP can do the trick :) .

Creating A Database:

  • Create a new database and name it as you like.
  • Create a table in your database and name it wordsdata
  • Create two columns in your wordsdata table and name them
    • Word of VARCHAR(50) type.
    • WORD_DES of VARCHAR(250) type.
  • Word is the Word 'name', WORD_DES is the description of a word.
  • I advise that you populate your table with at least 1 word and give it a description.

Brace yourself, we modifying the Josionary Code:

  • Open the file
  • Replace the connString value with your connection string.
  • Replace the cred value with your database credentials:
    • e.g String cred = "user=YourDatabaseAlias&password=YourPassword";

Should you encounter some issues, feel free to contact me or report and Issue and I will get back to you ASAP! ...enjoy :)

Author: Josiah Thobejane Version: 0.2

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