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I claim no ownership to any of the images stored in /src/images and all subsequent sub-directories. All artwork on this repo comes from and more accurately

The reason I have included the copies of the original images that I downloaded (using cURL) is because I wanted to save anyone who uses this repo from having to spend ages querying the xkcd server with lots of request that will likely come back blank.

The modified images stored within the sub-directories aforementioned are simply resized versions of the original artwork, used to speed up rendering.


-p --path [dir] : The path to the folder containing the image tiles
-r --rebuild    : Tells the program to rebuild the resize cache based on the given image directory
-o --outline    : Do you want the outline on squares on by default. Can be toggled using the (O) key
-c --cross      : Do you want the crosshair on by default. Can be toggled using the (C) key

-l --load [1-4] : Tells the program to pre-load and cache tiles to speed up rendering
				: This gives a performance boost at the cost of a lot of memory
				: 1 = Caching of 16px textures
				: 2 = 64px
				: 3 = 512px (This is a really good setting on a high-spec system)
				: 4 = 2048px (Not recommended!)
-1 --1920		: Sets the resolution to 1920x1080 (windowed)
-2 --1280		: 1280x720
-3 --800		: 800x600
-4 --640		: 640x480 (This is default is no resolution flag is given)

Example usage:
java Stitch -p "C:\xkcd_images" --1280 -r -l 3


Movement : WASD & Arrow Keys to pan
Zoom     : Ctrl (Zoom in) & Shift (Zoom out)
		 : (Z) will automatically (and smoothly) zoom you into 100%  

Mouse	 : Click & Drag to move, works at all zooms as you'd expect
		 : Scroll to Zoom 

Just a note

Some of the code here might be a little "hack & slash", I tried to keep it as clean and proper as possible but given this project was A. Just for fun, and B. Mainly built by taking files from my Aliens/Pacman Game and re-tooling them.

Additionally on how I acquired the images...

Firstly I ran these commands to download the "4 hemispheres" of the comic

curl "[1-20]n[1-50]e.png" -o "#1n#2e.png"
curl "[1-20]s[1-50]e.png" -o "#1s#2e.png"
curl "[1-20]n[1-50]w.png" -o "#1n#2w.png"
curl "[1-20]s[1-50]w.png" -o "#1s#2w.png"

Then I ordered the files by Size (asc) and deleted all the empty/corrupt files


Zoomed out a little Zoomed out a little

Fully zoomed out with outline turned on Fully zoomed out with outline turned on

One of my favorite bits One of my favorite bits

Another favorite Another favorite