A wrapper for curl that uses checksums to verify downloads
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curl-chk – checksum wrapper for curl

curl_chk is a wrapper for curl that verifies the content of the actual files that were downloaded via their checksums. The md5 checksum is guaranteed to be supported. If python is installed on the system md5, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, and sha512 are also guaranteed to be supported but there might be more supported methods (you can list all available methods via ./curl --digest-list).

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The checksum can either be passed as part of the URL or explicitely as argument --digest. All other arguments are used as is and as specified by curl. The results of the integrity check are printed to stderr in the format:

./index.html: OK 09b9c392dc1f6e914cea287cb6be34b0
./foo.txt: FAILED d8e8fca2dc0f896fd7cb4cb0031ba249
WARNING: 1 of 2 computed checksums did NOT match

The shown checksums are the actual checksums of the downloaded files. The warning line only appears if at least one of the checks failed.

Example calls:

./curl "http://example.com/#md5=09b9c392dc1f6e914cea287cb6be34b0" -o "index.html"
./curl --digest "sha1=0e973b59f476007fd10f87f347c3956065516fc0" -o "index.html" "http://example.com/"
./curl -O "http://example.com/index.html#md5=09b9c392dc1f6e914cea287cb6be34b0"
./curl "http://example.com/#md5=09b9c392dc1f6e914cea287cb6be34b0"

Note that if an output parameter is omitted the fetched content will be printed to stdout iff the verification was successful. This allows for a secure version of the rather common pattern of piping a downloaded script to sh:

./curl "http://fancytool.com/installer#md5=e17f840d197c47df3e6d5b3bc4ca4ff4" | sh

If a digest method does not exist the file is downloaded as if no digest was suggested. However, if the digest was specified using --digest the file will not be downloaded and an error will be emitted.

You can use the wrapper either directly or by renaming the original, setting the environment variable REAL_CURL to the new path, and moving the script into PATH.

Pull requests are highly appreciated!