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A translator directive for Vue.
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Vue Translate

A translator directive for Vue.

The Basics

var Vue = require('Vue');
var translate = require('vue-translate');

// the messages data
translate.messages = {
  "hello": "你好"

Use as directive

The v-trans directive will translate title, arial-label, alt and text content automaticly.

<div v-trans title="hello">hello</div>

<!-- will be translated to -->
<div title="你好">你好</div>

Translate more attributes

If the message you want to translate is not on the default attributes, e.g. data-message, you can pass it to v-trans.

<div v-trans="data-message" data-message="hello">hello</div>

<!-- will be translated to -->
<div data-message="你好">你好</div>

Translate with variables

The translation messages can contain variables:

translate.messages = {
  "hello {{ name }}": "你好 {{ name }}"

If {{ name }} is lepture:

<div v-trans>hello {{ name }}</div>

<!-- will be translated to -->
<div>你好 lepture</div>
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