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Add Pelias geocoding to your Mapbox GL JS map.
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Mapbox GL JS + Pelias Geocoding API

Pelias Geocoding API plugin for Mapbox GL JS maps.


  • Remove duplicates based on coordinates. (opts.removeDuplicates: Boolean)
  • Choose Fly-to or Jump-to when result is selected. (opts.flyTo: true, false or hybrid)
  • Fly-to or Jump-to using the best zoom level.
  • Show errors from pelias.
  • Choose custom url. (opts.url: String)
  • Choose custom placeholder. (opts.placeholder: String)
  • Add custom parameters to add in requests. (opts.params: Object)
  • Choose specific sources for requests (oa, osm, wof, gn). (opts.sources: Array or String)
  • Send request only when you use Enter key. (opts.onSubmitOnly: Boolean)
  • Add marker to show results. The marker must be in the sprites of your style. (opts.marker: Object or Boolean { icon: 'marker-15', anchor: 'bottom' })
  • Add polygon for localities objects from wof. (opts.wof: Object or Boolean)
  • 0 dependencies.

GitHub Pages and Live Demo

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