Git powered FTP client written as shell script.
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README of git-ftp

This is free and open source software. If you like and use it, flattr it (flattr?). Thx.


Git powered FTP client written as shell script.


I use git-ftp for my script based projects, mostly PHP. Most of the low-cost web hosting companies do not provide SSH or git support, but only FTP.

That is why I needed an easy way to deploy my git tracked projects. Instead of transfering the whole project, I thought, why not only transfer the files that changed since the last time, git can tell me those files.

Even if you are playing with different branches, git-ftp knows which files are different. No ordinary FTP client can do that.

Known Issues


See INSTALL file.


$ cd my_git_tracked_project
$ git ftp push --user <user> --passwd <password>

For interactive password prompt use:

$ git ftp push -u <user> -p -

Pushing for the first time:

$ git ftp init -u <user> -p -

Using Defaults

Setting defaults for a git project in .git/config

$ git config git-ftp.user john
$ git config git-ftp.url
$ git config git-ftp.password secr3t
$ git config git-ftp.cacert caCertStore
$ git config git-ftp.deployedsha1file mySHA1File
$ git config git-ftp.syncroot Output
$ git config git-ftp.insecure 1

After setting defaults, push to is as simple as

$ git ftp push

Using Scopes

For using defaults for different systems, use the so called scope feature.

$ git config git-ftp.<scope>.<(param)> <value>
with param := {url|user|password|cacert|syncroot|curl-insecure|deployedsha1file}

Here I set the params for the scope foobar

$ git config git-ftp.foobar.url
$ git config git-ftp.foobar.password simp3l

Set scope params using action add-scope

$ git ftp add-scope foobar

You can also remove a previously set scope using remove-scope

$ git ftp remove-scope foobar

Push to scope foobar alias using password simp3l

$ git ftp push -s foobar

Because I didn't set the user for this scope, it takes the user john as set before in defaults.

Ignoring Files to be synced

Add file names to .git-ftp-ignore to be ignored.

Unlike .gitignore, the pattern matching uses regular expressions (instead of globbing).

Ignoring all in directory config:


Ignoring all files having extension .txt in ./ :


This ignores a.txt and b.txt but not dir/c.txt

Ignoring a single file called foobar.txt:


Syncing Untracked Files

To upload an untracked file when a paired tracked file changes (e.g. uploading a compiled CSS file when its source SCSS or LESS file changes), add a file pair to .git-ftp-include:


If you have multiple source files being combined into a single untracked file, you can pair the untracked file with multiple tracked files, one per line. This ensures the combined untracked file is properly uploaded when any of the component tracked files change:


Testing and Help Manual

For testing mode use --dry-run alias -D

$ git ftp push -u <user> -p --dry-run

For more options and features see man page or help:

$ git ftp help

Unit Tested

Core functionality is unit tested on Linux using shunit2. You can find the tests in tests/.


Don't hesitate to use GitHub to improve this tool. Don't forget to add yourself to the AUTHORS file.