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Joystream Pioneer Application
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Joystream webapp

A Portal into the Joystream network. Provides a view and interaction layer from a browser.

This can be accessed as a hosted application via


The repo is split into a number of packages, each representing an application. These are -

  • apps This is the main entry point. It handles the selection sidebar and routing to the specific application being displayed.
  • app-accounts A basic account management app.
  • app-address-book A basic address management app.
  • app-explorer A simple block explorer. It only shows the most recent blocks, updating as they become available.
  • app-extrinsics Submission of extrinsics to a node.
  • app-js An online code editor with @polkadot-js/api access to the currently connected node.
  • app-settings A basic settings management app, allowing choice of language, node to connect to, and theme
  • app-staking A basic staking management app, allowing staking and nominations.
  • app-nodeinfo Node information and status
  • app-storage A simple node storage query application. Multiple queries can be queued and updates as new values become available.
  • app-toolbox Sumission of raw data to RPC endpoints and utility hashing functions.
  • app-transfer A basic account management app, allowing transfer of DOTs between accounts.

In addition the following libraries are also included in the repo. These are to be moved to the @polkadot/ui repository once it reaches a base level of stability and usability. (At this point with the framework being tested on the apps above, it makes development easier having it close)

  • ui-app A reactive (using RxJS) application framework with a number of useful shared components.
  • ui-signer Signer implementation for apps.
  • ui-react-rx Base components that use the RxJS Observable APIs


Contributions are welcome!

To start off, this repo (along with others in the @polkadot family) uses yarn workspaces to organise the code. As such, after cloning dependencies should be installed via yarn, not via npm, the latter will result in broken dependencies.

To get started -

  1. Clone the repo locally, via git clone <optional local path>
  2. Ensure that you have a recent LTS version of Node.js, for development purposes Node >=10.13.0 is recommended.
  3. Ensure that you have a recent version of Yarn, for development purposes Yarn >=1.10.1 is required.
  4. Install the dependencies by running yarn
  5. Ready! Now you can launch the UI (assuming you have a local Polkadot Node running), via yarn run start
  6. Access the UI via http://localhost:3000
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