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This repo contains all public communications, from WIP to completed status.


As an open source project, we are always looking for contributors. You can read more about the process here, and the potential rewards here.


A copy of all posts from our ghost blog are kept here. Unpublished posts are typically additional step-by-step instructions accessible through in-post links or on demand, that are either temporary workarounds and/or not actually necessary for most users.

URL refers to

Published Posts

Title URL Published Category
Welcome to the new Joystream Blog /welcome 05.12.18 General
The Joystream Manifesto /manifesto 05.12.18 General
Introducing Jsgenesis /jsgenesis 11.12.19 General
Launching Testnet - Mesopotamia /mesopotamia 21.12.19 Release - Mesopotamia
Earn Monero on Sparta Testnet /pay-for-play 12.02.19 Release - Sparta
The Sparta Incentives Structure /sparta-incentives-structure 21.02.19 Release - Sparta
Sparta Released /sparta 28.02.19 Release - Sparta
On-chain Consensus Upgrades Without Hardforks /upgrades 26.03.19 Technical
Whitepaper Published /whitepaper-published 27.03.19 Technical
The Sack of Sparta /sparta-sacked 01.04.19 Release - Sparta
From Sparta to Athens /sparta-to-athens 03.04.19 Release - Athens
Athens Incentive Structure /athens-incentives 15.04.19 Release - Athens
Athens Released /athens-released 17.04.19 Release - Athens
Announcing Acropolis /announcing-acropolis 20.05.19 Release - Acropolis
Joystream Platform Roles /platform-roles 04.06.19 General
The Acropolis Incentive Structure /acropolis-incentives 21.06.19 Release - Acropolis
Acropolis Released /acropolis-released 24.06.19 Release - Acropolis
Announcing Rome /announcing-rome 23.08.19 Release - Rome
Announcing New Brand Identity /announcing-new-branding 21.01.20 General
From Acropolis To Rome /from-acropolis-to-rome 11.03.20 Release - Rome
The Rome Incentive Structure /rome-incentives 14.03.20 Release - Rome
The Rome Incentive Structure /rome-released 17.03.20 Release - Rome
Announcing Constantinople /announcing-constantinople 13.04.20 Release - Constantinople

Drafts and Unpublished Posts

Title URL Status Category
Constantinople Upgrade p/c0ca40a0-4cc1-4946-a7eb-a2ab0749437b/ Unpublished - Draft Release - Constantinople (Nicaea)

Aborted Planned Posts

Title URL Status Category
Sparta - Install the UI on Windows/Mac /p/8e8f08a6-08d5-4a64-9f08-08aedd0d5719/ Never Published Release - Sparta
Supply Signature Temporarily /p/dbbfe66d-4af3-42f3-93fb-9cde97721988/ Never Published Release - Sparta


WIP: have something here on branding guide and assets, perhaps list of posts also, with status (draft, in review, posted, etc.)


Public communications from Joystream Project




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