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Guides to get started on our current testnet in links below

Table of contents


This repo contains detailed guides and help for user to interact with our current testnet.


If you find something that is wrong or missing, please make an Issue, or better yet, fork the repo and make a PR to help us improve! It might even qualify for a reward.

Get Paid to Participate

Some of the roles will be compensated in Monero. Our philosophy behind the choice of paying for participation is outlined in this blog post. Information about the current incentive structure can be found in the list of Active Roles below.

How it Works

Note After introducing Memberships to the platform, we found it to be confusing to have a concept of both Accounts and Memberships. We are in the process of renaming the Accounts to the Keys, but there are still traces of Account showing up.

In order for us know what address to pay, you must tie your Joystream address to your monero address. The easiest way to do this is in the My memo tab under the My Keys sidebar.

# Only the part in the line below goes in the memo:

For our convenience, we ask you to use a regular address or sub-address (95 char) instead of the (106 char) payment-ID style address. The latter forces us to make multiple monero transactions instead of just one.

Get Started

To get started and participate on the Joystream testnets, you must first generate Key(s), and sign up for a Membership. This requires no software or downloads, and can be done in your browser here.

Generate Keys

Click My keys in the sidebar, and then select the Create Keys tab. The choices you make from here, depends a little on how you want to participate. If you just want to play around, you can just follow the defaults. If you have a specific role in mind, you might want to follow the links to the instructions in the header, or access them via Active Roles.

In any event, the Keys will be stored in your browser for your convenience, but it's safest to save your Raw seed (you need it for certain roles) and save the .json file. The Mnemonic can also be used to restore your Keys, but will not do you any good if you want to become a Validator.

Get a Membership

To become a Member of the platform, you need some tokens. Either click the Get free tokens link, or click here. After you solved the captcha, your tokens should be on their way.

Note All transactions now cost 1.0Joy.

Now, click Members in the sidebar, and select the Register tab. Choose a Handle/nickname. Optionally, provide a link to an image file for your avatar, and fill in the markdown enabled About field.

Active Roles

The list below shows the currently active roles available at our current testnet.



In proof of stake systems, block producers, or Validators, are typically paid a fixed amount for each block produced. Validators must run a full node.

Instructions on how to get started here.


While Sparta was running, we have that the interest for being a Validator was higher than we anticipated, so we are increasing the validator_count from 10 to 20. To avoid reducing individual rewards too much, we are increasing the pool from $20 to $30 per week.

blocktime = 6
weekly_reward = 3000
seconds_in_week = 60*60*24*7

blockreward = (weekly_reward * blocktime)/seconds_in_week



The number - 0.03 cents per block - seems a bit underwhelming, but validation requires little effort for the user after setup, and with armv7 binaries, it should be cheap to run!


Validators must include their xmr address in the memo of their controller key, but as this may change, it's best to update the memo for the stash and session key as well.

Payouts will be made every Monday at ~11:00GMT.

Council Members


Council Members are elected by the stakeholders in the system to act in the interest of their constituency. Currently, Council Members can only vote on proposals to upgrade the runtime. In the future, the council will also allocate the platforms resources, and hire executive personnel to run the day to day operations.

Instructions on how to apply and vote can be found here.


We are looking at how to best incentivize them to act in the platforms long term interest. As this position generated less interest than we anticipated, we are tweaking the incentives by increasing the payout to get elected from $5 to $8.

If during you term a proposal to upgrade the runtime is submitted by the sudo key, 5CJzTaCp5fuqG7NdJQ6oUCwdmFHKichew8w4RZ3zFHM8qSe6 anyone that votes yes will receive a bonus worth $5.

During the Announcement and Voting stage, you should include some information about yourself, and why you should get elected in your memo field.


If you do get elected, make sure to change the memo field to your monero address in order to get your reward.

Payouts will be made at ~11:00GMT the day after the election/vote.

Storage Providers

NOTE: The current storage node will be deprecated and replaced. At this point, there is no reason to run the software, as the spots are filled.


You can't have a video platform without videos, so someone has to take the role storing the data. In the future, this will be highly specialized role, focusing on what is implied by the name of the role. For Athens, it will in practice also entail the future Bandwidth Provider role.

Unlike Validators that can come and go without too much friction (at least for now), a new Storage Provider will currently need to replicate the entire content directory. As a consequence, the platform needs some stability for this role to avoid providing a poor user experience, or worse, loss of data.

NOTE: The current storage node will be deprecated and replaced. At this point, there is no reason to run the software, as the spots are filled.


Up to 10 Storage Providers that keeps a full copy and provides continues service for at least 24h will compete for $75 per week. In addition, you will earn a $0.025/GB/week calculated on an average basis. We will try our best to catch any cheaters, so at the very least you must avoid getting caught!

NOTE: We will honor promised incentives, so the the 10 people that currently occupy the role will collect payments until Acropolis.


Storage Providers must include their xmr address in the memo of their membership key, or their storage key to qualify for rewards. The former is "better", but requires a little more work...

Payouts will be made every Monday at ~11:00GMT.

Builders and Bug Reporters


Unlike the Validators and Council Members, the bug bounty payments will be somewhat subjective. Long term, such decisions will be resolved by the platform, so in future testnets these payouts will at least partially be made by the council.

We saw little interest in this role for Sparta, and only one community member reported Issues in the hopes of getting rewarded. Jsgenesis contracted this person to perform a more in depth investigation, but we still hope to generate more interest in building and finding/resolving bugs.

To report an Issue or make a Pull request go to the node repo, the UI repo, the storage node repo or the runtime repo. Based on the importance and quality of the issue/PR, the Jsgenesis team will decide on the rewards.

  • For issues, the reward will range up to $20
  • For a PR, the reward can range up to $100 (if you get in touch with a longer)

The quality of an issue can be measured from the level of details in general, like how to reproduce, pasted log outputs, etc. In terms of PRs, simply copying new features implemented on substrate will not be rewarded unless the PR includes changes that was required for compatibility on Joystream.

More details can be found here.


The contributor must include either their Joystream or monero address when submitting the issue/PR. If you choose the former, you must then make sure the add your monero address to the memo field of your keys as explained at the beginning of this post.

Payouts will be made on agreement.

Advanced Users

This section covers other things you can do after getting started, that isn't a paid role as of now.



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