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This is a step-by-step guide through Joystream council election cycle, allowing users to take part in the governance system for the Joystream Testnet

Table of contents


This page contains a detailed guide about how the governance system works on the current Joystream testnet, and how you can participate.


Unlike most of the other current and future roles on the Joystream Platform, becoming a Council Member or voting on proposals require no extra software. Everything can be done in the browser, by going here.

Note After introducing Memberships to the platform, we found it to be confusing to have a concept of both Accounts and Memberships. We are in the process of renaming the Accounts to the Keys, but there are still traces of Account showing up.

Get Started

If you want to get elected as a Council Member or vote on the platform, you need to be a Member. Instructions for this can be found here.

Election Cycle

The election cycle consists four stages.

  1. Announcement - lasts 43200 blocks (~72h)
  2. Voting - lasts 14400 blocks (~24h)
  3. Reveal - lasts 14400 blocks (~24h)
  4. Term - lasts 201600 blocks (~14days)


During the Announcement stage, anyone that is Member, and holds at least unstaked 1000Joy (ie. if you use your validator stash key, you need a balance > bonded +1000Joy) tokens can announce their candidacy to become a Council Member.

Select Council in the sidebar, and click the Applicants tab. Set the amount of tokens you want to, stake, and confirm. If you want to put more stake behind your candidacy later, you can top up at any point during the stage. After sending the transaction, you should appear under "Applicants". The max number of Applicants is 25. When the 25th candidate applies, the one with the lowest amount staked will be pushed off the list, and get their stake returned. In total, 12 Council Members must be elected. If there are less than 12 applicants, the Announcment stage will be restarted.


As soon as the Announcement stage closes, you can begin voting for applicants. As with everything else, you need to stake in order to do so. Joystream is currently working under the "One Token - One Vote" principal. Go to the Votes tab, set your staking amount, select your candidate and generate a Random salt. This will be needed to reveal and actually "broadcast" your vote. You can vote more than once, for your self, and for more than one applicant. All the data will be stored in your browser, so as long as you are using the same machine/browser/cookies, you don't need to save anything.


As soon as the Voting stage closes, the Revealing stage begins. This is when you can reveal your vote. Go to the Reveal a vote tab, to actually broadcast your vote. Votes that are not revealed in time will not get counted in the election.


As soon as the Reveal stage closes, the 12 candidates with the highest total backing, ie. their own stake + voter stake, will become Council Members. Their term will run for 14 days, when a new Council have been elected.

Note that the next Announcement stage will start exactly 201600 blocks (14 days) after the previous.





Voting on Proposals



If you had any issues setting it up, you may find your answer here!

In the Next up, your new session key should show, and match the authority key in your node. (minus the final 3 characters).

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