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Table of contents

Live Milestones

Due to changing circumstances, a meeting Evaluating the feasibility of the planned Milestones, the following conclusion was made:

Date Event Involved
19.06.19 Spec Release Alex, Bedeho, Mokhtar
17.06.19 Sub-system Test All
20.06.19 Final Test Martin, Mokhtar + 2x community members
22.06.19 Runtime Proposal Mokhtar, Martin
24.06.19 Release All

Actual dates:

  • Spec Release is not yet completed.
  • Sub-system Test performed on or before 17.06.19.
  • Final Test successfully completed on the 20.06.19

A summery of the tests for forum and storage can be read here and here.

Past Release Meetings

Name/category Date Itinerary and Minutes
Launch Meeting 26.04.19 link
User Stories 02.05.19 link
Release Plan Finalization 09.05.19 link
Release Plan Milestone Evaluation Meeting 10.06.19 link


After discussing internally, the specs for Acropolis will be made using this as a reference (link to be replaced after merge).

GitHub Projects

The current set of relevant GitHub projects are

OKR results


Release Plan

This plan was made in advance, and anything below this line will not be updated inspite of changing circumstances.





Release Date

20 June 2019, 12:00 (GMT+2)


Release OKRs

Objective: Launch Acropolis Network

  • Active from: 09.05.19
  • KR Measurement Deadline: 7-9 days after Acropolis launch (first weekday)
  • Tracked: Every Monday
  • Tracking Manager: Martin
  • Key Results:
  1. Get 75 posts on forum (limits, not Jsg) (ewd)
  2. Forum (runtime), storage (runtime and P2P) fully specd (n)
  3. Have 4x replication for all 2 tranches on storage node (ewd)
  4. 95% uptime Storage Providers (ewd)
  5. No PRs merged to master (excluding bugfixes and "pioneer") after "Sub-system Test" (conf)

Go here for more details and tracking.



  • Specification of new sub-systems may be more time consuming and iterative than anticipated.
  • Risks are partially mitigated by extending the cycle for Acropolis. Somewhat ironically, this introduces some risk that the release might collide with peak holiday season.


On-chain upgrade of runtime. Scope and extent of migrations unknown.


The following public products will be part of this release.


  • Description: Runtime for Validator node
  • Manager: Mokhtar
  • Core Team:
    • Mokhtar: Developer
    • Alex: Developer
    • Jens: Developer
    • Bedeho: Developer
    • Martin: Testing
  • Main repo: substrate-runtime-joystream
  • Current version: v5.3.0
  • New version: target v5.4.0 (unless there are bugfix runtime upgrades before release)
  • Audit: No
  • Documentation: Publish the rust docs for the runtime at
  • Legal Review/ToS update: No
  • Build/CI system:
    • Mokhtar:
      • CI: Simple travis job for PRs, running cargo tests, and verifying build doesn't fail and rustfmt is used to format code
      • Build: Will have a working Docker file for building proposed WASM runtime blob
  • New/Altered Functionality:
    • New Forum module (Bedeho)
    • Updated Actors module to support storage tranches (Jens/Mokhtar)
    • Updated storage modules to support storage tranches (Jens/Mokhtar)
    • Cleanup old migration code in members module (Mokhtar)
  • Refactor/Reorganization:
    • Best effort should be made to make new runtime modules as separate git repos
    • Existing modules can remain in same repo
    • Docker
  • Deployment/Distribution:
    • Will be voted in through an upgrade proposal in council, see Events section for how.


  • Description: Combined storage and distribution node.
  • Manager: Jens
  • Team:
    • Jens: Developer
    • Mokhtar: Developer
    • Martin: Testing
  • Main repo: storage-node-joystream
  • Current version: 0.1.0 (did not bump last release)
  • New version: 0.2.0
  • Audit: No
  • Documentation:
  • Legal Review/ToS update: No
  • Build/CI system:
    • Jens
      • CI: Simple travis job, running unit tests.
      • Build docker image
  • Target Platforms: Linux
  • New/Altered Functionality:
    • Support storage tranches. The main difference is to stake for joining a tranche rather than the storage provider role.
      • Allow multiple keys, or allow one key to stake for multiple tranches.
    • Drop hyperdrive backend. Replace with IPFS backend.
      • Drop multiple repository concept, and repository IDs in URLs.
      • Replace sync protocol stack with simpler synchronization, downloading or pinning content from staked tranches.
    • Drop bittorrent-dht and use IPFS DHT and IPNS for liason/download endpoint announcement.
  • New Key User Stories:
    • As a storage provider, in order to selectively provide storage, I want to stake for storage tranches.
    • As a storage provider, in order to fulfil my role, I want my storage node to synchronize content.
  • Deployment/Distribution:
    • Dockerfile for deployment
    • Will replace old storage system with the runtime upgrade.


  • Description: The user interface for interacting with the platform.
  • Manager: Alex
  • Team:
    • Alex: Developer
    • Mokhtar: Developer
    • Martin: Testing
  • Main repo: apps
  • Current version: N/A (0.32.0-beta.6 shown in Pioneer)
  • New version: 3.0
    • 0.x - goes to Polka Apps.
    • 1.x - Elections + Proposals modules.
    • 2.x - Media module (explore + upload).
  • Audit: No
  • Documentation: No
  • Legal Review/ToS update: No. License to be added to migrated Repo.
  • Build/CI system: No
  • Target Platforms: Cross-platform and cross-browser.
  • New/Altered Functionality:
    • Integration with new storage system
    • Integration of forum
  • New User Stories:
  • Deployment/Distribution:
    • Upgrade of hosted Pioneer must be timed with release for integration with new storage system and forum.
    • Frequent non-breaking improvements/updates performed expected.


Date Event Involved
21.05.19 Spec Release Alex, Bedeho, Jens, Mokhtar
12.06.19 Sub-system Test All
17.06.19 Final Test Martin, Mokhtar + 2x community members
18.06.19 Runtime Proposal Mokhtar, Martin
20.06.19 Release All

Spec Release

  • Description: Release the specs for Acropolis
  • Deadline: 21. May
  • Manager: Bedeho
  • Team:
    • Mokhtar:
    • Jens:
    • Bedeho:
  • Time line:
    • First draft of specs must be ready for review on the 15th of May at the latest.
    • Bedeho will review and approve, or delegate the task.
    • Bedeho: Forum module & main spec document & review contributions

Sub-system Test

  • Description: Test all sub-systems/software separately on the staging-reckless testnet
  • Deadline: 12. June
  • Manager: Martin
  • Forum Team:
    • Alex:
    • Bedeho:
  • Storage Team:
    • Mokhtar:
    • Alex:
    • Jens:
  • Test specification:
    • The members of each Team must be able present full functionality of their sub-systems/software, in the following environment:
      1. Perform runtime upgrade from current to test version
        • It's a preference, but not a requirement, for the same runtime to be used for both tests.
      2. with a working branch of Pioneer (compatible with Athens, must not include rest of Acropolis scope)
      3. any other supporting software (compatible with Athens, must not include rest of Acropolis scope)
      4. if applicable, present clear list of items outstanding with:
        • dependencies / responsible person(s)
        • realistic timeline
        • what, if any, should be postponed/abandoned for late release or next release.
        • note that both RM and developer are responsible for this list not coming as a surprise.

Note After this test, only bugfix PRs can be merged to master branch of relevant repos.

Final Test

  • Description: Upgrade the staging-lts testnet runtime to "Acropolis", and perform a full feature test.
  • Deadline: 17. June
  • Manager: Mokhtar
  • Team:
    • Martin: Lead tester
    • Community Member 1: Tester
    • Community Member 2: Tester
  • Time line:
    • A full test of all features and cycles on the platform with Acropolis runtime. Participants must use different OS' and browsers, for joystream-node, storage-nodes and pioneer.

Runtime Proposal

  • Description: Create a council runtime upgrade proposal for a new runtime with a member key. provide a script/instructions for how to build the identical runtime proposed.
  • Deadline: 18. June 11:00GMT+2
  • Manager: Mokhtar
  • Team:
    • Martin: Reach out to council members, promote voting, and prepare final blog/newsletter for Acropolis.
  • Time line: Time line: After the runtime upgrade proposal is submitted, the actual upgrade will happen after all council members have voted. 48h in practice


  • Description: If proposal does not reach quorum and the proposal has not received legitimate criticism, immediately force the new proposal with the sudo key.
  • Deadline: 20. June 11:00GMT+2
  • Manager: Mokhtar


Note Reference to a date or a milestone should be made for each of these items.

Participation Incentives

  • Description: For Acropolis, the intention is to continue with three paid roles:
    • Validators
    • Council Members
    • Storage Providers
    • Note that "Bug Reporters/Builders" will also be incentivized, although not a formal role ATM.
  • Deadline: 18. June
  • Manager: Martin
  • Team:
    • Martin: Manager
    • Bedeho: ElPassion Manager
    • Mokhtar: Developer
    • Tomasz: Designer
  • Tasks:
    • Bedeho, Tomasz:
      • Update with new testnet summary information
    • Martin:
    • Community Member(s):
      • Tech support/online presence
      • Monitor tlgrm, RC, and on-chain forums.


  • Description: Updated guides must be ready for launch.
  • Deadline: 19. June
  • Manager: Martin
  • Team:
    • Martin
    • Community Member 1: Tester
    • Community Member 2: Tester
  • Distribution: helpdesk repo
  • Assets: Cover(s)


NOTE All public comms will follow the testnet design template, ref. this.

Announcing Acropolis Testnet

  • Description: An initial message explaining what will be in Acropolis, why they should care, showings its logo, and a scheduled date (we are not in full control), once features are locked in. Telling people what the next sequence of events are, including future messages, future points in time they must act.
  • Deadline: 13. June
  • CTA: What action can people do, and how
  • Author: Martin
  • Distribution: TTRR
  • Assets: Cover + some new pagebreakers

Acropolis Incentive Structure

  • Description: Incentive structure and changes made for Acropolis + lessons learned
  • Deadline: 18. June
  • CTA: Roles to take, and why
  • Author: Martin
  • Distribution: TTRR
  • Assets: Cover + some new pagebreakers

Acropolis Released

  • Description: TL;DR of previous posts with links + Full update on howto
  • Deadline: 20. June
  • CTA: Join
  • Author: Martin
  • Distribution: TTRR+newsletter
  • Assets: Cover + some new pagebreakers

Public Infrastructure

Hosted Joystream Pioneer

Hosted Joystream Storage Node

  • Description: One or more storage node(s) without any special status
  • Manager: Jens
  • DevOps: Jens Mokhtar
  • Repo: storage-node-joystream
  • Team:
    • Jens
    • Mokhtar
  • Tasks:
    • Host a node and signup to role in the tranches

Faucet service backend

  • Description: Free token dispenser
  • Manager: Mokhtar
  • DevOps: Mokhtar
  • Repo (private): substrate-faucet
  • Team:
    • Mokhtar
    • Martin
  • Tasks:
    • Update README with instructions on how to deploy backend
    • Keep it stocked with tokens
    • Delete old data at least weekly
    • Modify frontend

Internal Infrastructure and Tools

Payout Tool

  • Description: Tool to compute payouts to relevant parties on testnet
  • Manager: Martin
  • Repo (private): testnet-payout-scripts
  • Team:
    • Martin
  • Tasks:
    • Must be updated to cover new storage node.

Staging Testnets

  • Description: Run a staging testnet with latest stable development runtime so that both ourselves and interested users can test new features, software, nodes without running closed --dev chains.
  • Manager: Martin
  • DevOps: Martin
  • Repo: N/A
  • Team:
    • Martin
  • Tasks:
    • Keep at least two staging testnets running.
    • One continuous that will mirror existing testnet - staging-lts
    • One "on demand" for reckless testing - staging-reckless

Storage uptime and quality tool

  • Description: Tool to verify uptime and quality of service by registered Storage Providers
  • Manager: Alex
  • Repo (private): storage-quality-of-service
  • Team:
    • Alex
    • Jens
  • Tasks:
    • Build the tool
    • Maintain
    • Devops

Internal Operations


  • Description: Conduct regular payouts
  • Manager: Martin
  • Team:
    • Martin
  • Schedule:
    • Mondays at 10:00 GMT+2


  • Description: Provide support to users engaging with testnet functionality and campaigns
  • Manager: - Martin
  • Team:
    • Martin
    • Community Member 1:
    • Community Member 2:
  • Duration:
    • Very high availability in the week following releases
    • No more than 24 hour lag in response to queries after that
  • Channels:
    • Telegram
    • GitHub
    • RocketChat
    • On-chain forums
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