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Joystream Full Node
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 Nodes for Joystream

Joystream Full Node

Joystream node built on top of Substrate.

Follow the instructions below to download the software or build it from source. Further instructions for windows and mac can be found here. Linux should be similar to mac.

Binary releases

Downloads are available in releases.

Building from source

Initial setup

If you want to build from source you will need the Rust toolchain, openssl and llvm/libclang.

git clone

Initialise the WASM build environment:

cd substrate-node-joystream/


Clone the joystream runtime into the substrate-node-joystream directory:

git clone

Build the WASM runtime library:


Build the node (native code):

cargo build --release

Running a public node

Run the node and connect to the public testnet

cargo run --release

Installing a release build

This will install the executable joystream-node to your ~/.cargo/bin folder, which you would normally have in your $PATH environment.

cargo install --path ./

Now you can run



Running a local development node

cargo run --release -- --dev

Cleaning development chain data

When making changes to the runtime library remember to purge the chain after rebuilding the node to test the new runtime.

cargo run --release -- purge-chain --dev
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