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import tkinter
# 1988 - The Tcl (Tool Command Language) programming language was created (cross-platform, dynamic, open source).
# 1991 - Tk extension came to Tcl, enabling building of GUIs (graphical user interfaces) natively in Tcl (Tcl/TK).
# Tk provided all basic widgets (canvas, textbox, button, label) needed for the development of native look/feel apps in Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix.
# 1999 - Fredrik Lundh wrote a Tkinter (TK + Interface) as a Python binding/interface to the Tk GUI toolkit.
# 2000 - Tkinter became de facto a standard GUI. In Python 3+, Tkinter is shipped as part of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X installs of Python.
# Initialize the main window
window = tkinter.Tk()
# Size windows to 400 x 400px
window.minsize(400, 400)
# Give your window a title
window.title("Application Name")
# Set Icon
# Place 'Hello World' label on the window
label = tkinter.Label(window, text="Click the Button")
# Place label at coordinates x=10 and y=10 (top right hand corner), y=10)
# Function to find the screen dimensions, calculate the center and set geometry
def center(win):
# Call all pending idle tasks - carry out geometry management and redraw widgets.
# Get width and height of the screen
width = win.winfo_width()
height = win.winfo_height()
# Calculate geometry
x = (win.winfo_screenwidth() // 2) - (width // 2)
y = (win.winfo_screenheight() // 2) - (height // 2)
# Set geometry
win.geometry('{}x{}+{}+{}'.format(width, height, x, y))
# Center Window on Screen
# Initialize counter
counter = 0
# Define button press function
def press():
# use globally set counter variable
global counter
# count each button press
counter = counter + 1
# set label
label.config(text=f"Button clicked: {counter} times")
# Place 'Change Label' button on the window
button = tkinter.Button(window, text="Button", command=press)
# Place label at coordinates x=10 and y=10 (top right hand corner), y=40)
# Show new window
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