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Cross Modal, Cross Cultural, Cross Lingual, Cross Domain, and Cross Site Global OER Network

The X5GON project stands for easily implemented freely available innovative technology elements that will converge currently scattered Open Educational Resources (OER) available in various modalities across Europe and the globe.

This repository contains the technology that will realize the vision set within the X5GON project. All of the source code is found in the src folder. The folder is structured such that files with similar roles or functionalities are found in subfolders making it easier to navigate through the project.


  • node.js v6.0 and npm 5.3 or higher

    To test that your node.js version is correct, run node --version and npm --version.

  • postgres 9.6 or higher


To install the project run

npm install

Run Components

Before you run any of the components you must first create an .env file containing the process environments. For more detail see src/config/

Platform Component

To start the platform run the following command:

npm run start:platform

To run the platform in debug mode:

npm run start:platformInspect

The source code of the platform component is found in src/server/platform.

Recommender Engine Component

To start the recommender engine component run the following command:

npm run start:recsys

To run the recommender engine in debug mode:

npm run start:recsysInspect

The source code of the platform component is found in src/server/recsys.