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Mermaid plugin for GitBook

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Note: Plugin is not actively maintained

Plugin for GitBook which renders Mermaid diagrams and flow charts detected in the book markdown.

How to install it?

You can use install via NPM:

$ npm install gitbook-plugin-mermaid

And use it for your book with in the book.json:

    "plugins": ["mermaid"]

How to use it?

There are two options how can be graph put into the gitbook. To use embedded graph, put in your book block as:

{% mermaid %}
graph TD;
{% endmermaid %}

Plugin will pick up block body and replace it with generated svg diagram. To load graph from file, put in your book block as:

{% mermaid src="./diagram.mermaid" %}
{% endmermaid %}

If not absolute, plugin will resolve path given in src attribute relative to the current book page, load its content and generate svg diagram.

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