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Tinkers' Yoyos!
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Children's toy based weaponry!

Also Tinkers' Yoyos!


Yoyos need 4 of the desired material, a stick, and a chord to craft.

alt text

The cords are crafted with 8 string in a circle.

alt text

The Shear Yoyo

By combining an iron yoyo with shears, you can give the functionality of shears to your toy-weapon. It allows for the yoyo to cut grass and flowers and plants and stuff and to shear sheep and mooshroom without damaging them

alt text


Building the yoyo

The yoyo is made in the tool forge using an axle, two bodies, and a cord.


The cord determines how far away from you the yoyo gets.

The bodies determine the damage and movement speed.

The axle has a durability multiplier.

Both the cord and axle have friction, which determines how long the yoyo can stay out.


  • Shear

    Gives the behavior of the shear yoyo to any tinkers' yoyo. Applied with shears.

  • Extension

    Each level lengthens the yoyo's cord by 2 blocks. Applied with string.

  • Floating

    Makes the yoyo lighter, allowing it to move faster. Applied with a pufferfish.

  • Lubricated

    Allows the yoyo to spin for longer, increasing it's duration. Applied with an inksack.

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