A suggested workflow from development to production using Chef.
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####Full Documentation

Chef-gm is a boilerplate coupled with a set of tutorials, use cases and opinions for using Chef from development to production. Most work is being put into a LAMP stack for local development and production. Updates on Chef-gm will be happening rapidly as I learn Chef and reorder things. Read the docs, fork, and start customizing your infrastructure knowing that things will change.

Visit the Chef-gm documentation for information.


  • Examples and tutorials on how to provision this stack locally and remotely
  • Highly configurable parameters for packages in one place
  • Installs a LAMP stack with separate configurations for development and production
  • Stack tuned with defaults and suggested scaling
  • Upgraded 12.04 packages from dotdeb.org like PHP 5.4
  • Creates users and ssh keys and configures authorized users.
  • Creates directories and permissions for users and applications.
  • Adds aliases for repetitive CLI commands.
  • Adds deploy user keys to bitbucket via API
  • Imports database from AWS S3 or file.
  • Basic security with OpenSSH, UFW, and Fail2ban
  • Disables root user access and requires key pair authentication with OpenSSH
  • Implements a default firewall allowing traffic from ports 80 and 443 with UFW
  • Prevents multiple failed login attempts with Fail2ban
  • Configures directories for Capistrano application deployment
  • Enables swap space on VPS providers
  • Syncs internal clock with NTP
  • Auto updates security and version updates of Ubuntu packages daily with unattended upgrades
  • Backs up databases daily to AWS S3 via cron.
  • Configures Xdebug for development.
  • Uses APC for opcode cache
  • Configures http basic auth for access of dashboards like APC
  • Installs Google's Page Speed Apache module.

Visit the Chef-gm documentation for information.