Julia code for the book Reinforcement Learning An Introduction
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"To think is to forget a difference, to generalize, to abstract."

Jorge Luis Borges, Funes the Memorious

This repo reproduces almost all the figures on the book Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction(2nd).



Just run the following command to install this package:

$ julia -e "using Pkg; Pkg.add(\"Plots\"); Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=\"https://github.com/Ju-jl/Ju.jl.git\")); Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=\"https://github.com/Ju-jl/ReinforcementLearningAnIntroduction.jl\"));"

Then enter the REPL:

julia> using RLIntro  # Hold on! It might take several minutes to pre-compile

julia> @show [f for f in names(RLIntro) if startswith(string(f), "fig")];  # list all the functions to reproduce corresponding figures
[f for f = names(RLIntro) if startswith(string(f), "fig")] = Symbol[:fig_10_1, :fig_10_2, :fig_10_3, :fig_10_4, :fig_10_5, :fig_11_2, :fig_12_3, :fig_13_1, :fig_13_2, :fig_2_1, :fig_2_2, :fig_2_3, :fig_2_4, :fig_2_5, :fig_2_6, :fig_3_2, :fig_3_5, :fig_4_1, :fig_4_2, :fig_4_3, :fig_5_1, :fig_5_2, :fig_5_3, :fig_5_4, :fig_6_2_a, :fig_6_2_b, :fig_6_2_c, :fig_6_2_d, :fig_6_3_a, :fig_6_3_b, :fig_6_5, :fig_7_2, :fig_8_2, :fig_8_4, :fig_8_4_example, :fig_8_5, :fig_8_7, :fig_8_8, :fig_9_1, :fig_9_10, :fig_9_2_a, :fig_9_2_b, :fig_9_5]

julia> fig_2_2()  # reproduce figure_2_2

Notice that for some figures you may need to install pdflatex.


If you would like to make some improvements, I'd suggest the following workflow:

  1. Clone this repo and enter the project folder.
  2. Enter the pkg mode and (RLIntro) pkg> add https://github.com/Ju-jl/Ju.jl.git (Because the Ju.j is not registered yet. It will not be a big problem after Julia 1.1 get released)
  3. Make changes to some existing Environment or create a new Environment and include it in the REPL (like include("src/environments/MultiArmBandits.jl"))
  4. Make changes to the related source codes and include it in the REPL (like include("src/chapter02/ten_armed_testbed.jl"))
  5. Run the functions to draw figures (fig_2_2()).
  6. Repeat the above three steps.


Chapters Figures Description
Chapter01 Run play() will prompt an interactive interface to play the TicTacToe game.
Chapter02 fig_2_2, fig_2_3, fig_2_4, fig_2_5, fig_2_6
Chapter03 fig_3_2, fig_3_5 Here the heatmap is used to represent the value
Chapter04 fig_4_1, fig_4_2_policy, fig_4_2_value, fig_4_3
Chapter05 fig_5_1_no_usable_ace_n_10000, fig_5_1_usable_ace_n_10000 Warning!!! The result is different to the figures on the book. Please help to correct it.
fig_5_2_no_usable_ace_n_500000, fig_5_2_usable_ace_n_500000, fig_5_2_no_usable_ace_policy_n_500000, fig_5_2_usable_ace_policy_n_500000
fig_5_3, fig_5_4
Chapter06 fig_6_2_a, fig_6_2_b, fig_6_2_c, fig_6_2_d
fig_6_3_a, fig_6_3_b
Chapter07 fig_7_2
Chapter08 fig_8_2, fig_8_4_example, fig_8_4
fig_8_5, fig_8_7, fig_8_8_a, fig_8_8_b
Chapter09 fig_9_1_a, fig_9_1_b, fig_9_2_a, fig_9_2_b, fig_9_5
Chapter10 fig_10_1_1, fig_10_1_2, fig_10_1_3, fig_10_1_4, fig_10_1_5
fig_10_3, fig_10_4, fig_10_5
Chapter11 fig_11_2
Chapter12 fig_12_3 Other figures in Chapter12 are not that easy to reproduce by using the Ju.jl package. You may take a try and correct me with a PR.
Chapter13 fig_13_1, fig_13_2 Figure_13_2 is a slightly different to the original figure on the book. Thanks to Eric Graves's clarification, fixed in #3

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