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This github gathers everything needed to reproduce AntBot, the hexapod robot I developped during my PhD.
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3D Parts


This git-hub is dedicated to my PhD work on the hexapod walking robot AntBot. It gathers 3D parts for replication, but also some programs and experimental results. These materials go along with the following publications (international peer reviewed journals and conferences):

  • (1) J. Dupeyroux, G. Passault, F. Ruffier, S. Viollet and J. Serres (2017) Hexabot : a small 3D-printed six-legged walking robot designed for desert ant-like navigation tasks. In proc. of IFAC Conference 2017, Toulouse, France, pp. 1628-1631.
  • (2) J. Dupeyroux, J. Diperi, M. Boyron, S. Viollet and J. Serres (2017) A bio-inspired celestial compass applied to an ant-inspired robot for autonomous navigation. In proc. of IEEE ECMR Conference 2017, Paris, France, p. 119-124
  • (3) J. Dupeyroux, J. Diperi, M. Boyron, S. Viollet and J. Serres (2017) A novel insect-inspired optical compass sensor for an hexapod walking robot. In proc. of IEEE IROS Conference 2017, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 3439-3445
  • (4) J. Dupeyroux, V. Boutin, J. Serres, L. Perrinet and S. Viollet (2018) M²APix: a bio-inspired auto-adaptive visual sensor for robust ground height estimation. In proc. of IEEE Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2018, Florence, Italy, p. 1-4.
  • (5) J. Dupeyroux, J. Serres, and S. Viollet (2018) A hexapod walking robot mimicking navigation strategies of desert ants Cataglyphis. In proc. of Springer Living Machines 2018, Paris, France, p. 145-156.
  • (6) J. Dupeyroux, S. Viollet, and J. Serres (accepted) Polarized skylight heading-based measurements: a bio-inspired approach. In the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.
  • (7) J. Dupeyroux, J. Serres, and S. Viollet (in revision) A six-legged walking robot able to home like desert ants in outdoor environments.
  • (8) J. Dupeyroux, S. Viollet, and J. Serres (in revision) An ant-inspired celestial compass applied to autonomous outdoor robot navigation.
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