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AntBot's Leg.stl
BatterySupport.stl Creating folder "3D Parts" Dec 10, 2018
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AntBot's 3D Parts

These are the 3D parts required to reproduce the frame of our hexapod robot AntBot. For our study, AntBot's parts have been printed with PLA filament. The roll-actuated head of the robot is not provided for the moment. The robot's firmware, to be uploaded in the Arduino-like OpenCM9.04C, will be added soon. Feel free to contact me for any information.

  • In order to build one leg, you will need the following files: 1x "AntBot's Leg.stl", 2x "ServoFixation.stl", and 2x brackets available at for the metal ones, or at if you prefer the plastic ones (refer to "Leg.png").

  • All the legs must be fixed between two parts ("Frame.stl", as shown in "AntBot's Frame.jpg").

  • The battery can be placed within its support ("BatterySupport.stl"). Be careful, this was created for the following batteries: Gens Ace 3S1P 5300mAh (Li-Po).

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