This is a concept proof to learn how to use ruby ffi
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Encapsulating a C library using FFI


Recently I read an article called Ruby Bindings and Extensions where the author shows how in his company they were given the task of encapsulating a C library called H3 using Ruby and after evaluate the available options they decided to use FFI to do this work.

This repository contains a little test that I performed after read the article. I decided to create a little library that receives a PGM Image and return a inverted colors image.

How to run this

  1. compile the library in your local. a. go to ext/src directory and run make shared
  2. execute a irb console and import the library

Example of use

>> require './pgm'
=> true
>> pgm =
=> #<PGM::Bindings::Structs::Pgm:0x007fc443825c30>
>> PGM::Functions.load_pgm(pgm, './Feep.pgm')
=> #<FFI::Pointer address=0x00000000000000>
>> pgm_out =
=> #<PGM::Bindings::Structs::Pgm:0x007fc44208a918>
>> PGM::Functions.invert_colors(pgm, pgm_out)
=> nil
>> PGM::Functions.save_pgm(pgm_out, './feep_out')
=> #<FFI::Pointer address=0x00000000000000>
>> PGM::Functions.save_pgm(pgm_out, './feep_out.pgm')
=> #<FFI::Pointer address=0x00000000000000>


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome!