Jedy CMS Multi-language is created with Symfony 3
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Jedy CMS Multi-language

Jedy CMS Multi-language is created with Symfony 3 (3.2)

Get started

Installation & Configuration

  • Clone the repository from GitHub.
$ git clone <path-to-install>
$ cd <path-to-install>
  • You still need Composer to get the dependencies
$ composer install
  • Set up the Database
$ php bin/console doctrine:database:create
$ php bin/console doctrine:schema:create
  • Definition of the main language

    #Definition of the main language
    locale_active: es
    #Translations, insert the locale language separated by | 
    app_locales: es|en|fr
  • Load data fixtures
$ php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load
  • Configure a Webserver
$ php bin/console server:run
  • And then access via browser: 



Jedy CMS Multi-language Home public


User: jedy

Password: 1234

Jedy CMS Multi-language Admin contents

Jedy CMS Multi-language Translations content


  • At the moment only it has http basic security. You can expand using FOSUserbundle or other
  • Also, it has not set any Wysiwyg editor yet.

Installation & Configuration using docker

  • Execute this commands
$ make up
$ make composer argument=install
$ make install
  • And then access via browser: