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These are my publications in the scope of the European Union's H2020 MarineUAS Project.

List of Publications:

  1. Juan Braga, Praveen Jain, Pedro Aguiar, João Sousa Self-Triggered Time Coordinated Deployment Strategy for Multiple Relay UAVs to Work as a Point-to-Point Communication Bridge The 2017 International Workshop on Research, Education and Development on Unmanned Aerial Systems, RED-UAS 2017 , 2017.

  2. Juan Braga, Fotios Balampanis, Pedro Aguiar, João Sousa, Ivan Maza, Anibal Ollero Coordinated Efficient Buoys Data Collection in Large Complex Coastal Environments using UAVs OCEANS North America. Anchorage , 2017.

  3. Juan Braga, Andrea Alessandretti, Pedro Aguiar, João Sousa A Feedback Motion Strategy Applied to a UAV to Work as an Autonomous Relay Node for Maritime Operations Int. Conference Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), Miami. , 2017.

  4. Juan Braga, Pedro Aguiar, João Sousa Coordinated Multi-UAV Exploration Strategy for Large Areas with Communication Constrains ROBOT'2017: Third Iberian Robotics Conference. Sevilla. 2017 , 2017.





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