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Share #NowPlaying on Twitter from MOC Player

I want to share the music I'm listening at the moment with MOC. But MOC doesn't support Twitter sharing yet. So I made this.

moc-twitter-sharing image

Twitter @FreakViking


  • Ruby 2.1.5 or newer

How to

Install Ruby
  • Debian, Ubuntu, and derivates

    # apt-get install ruby-full

  • Fedora, CentOS

    # yum install ruby

  • Arch Linux

    # pacman -S ruby

Install the script
  • Download moc-twitter-sharing from GitHub.
  git clone
  cd moc-twitter-sharing
  • Copy it into ~/.moc/scripts
  mkdir ~/.moc/scripts
  cp now-playing.rb ~/.moc/scripts
  • Open with your favourite text editor (e.g. vim) ~/.moc/config. Go to #ExecCommand1 variable, uncomment it (remove the #) and add /home/<YOUR_USER>/.moc/scripts/now-playing.rb to it.

Line must be ExecCommand1 = /home/<YOUR_USER>/.moc/scripts/now-playing.rb. Then, save the file and close it.

Now you're ready to share your "#NowPlaying" with MOC. Time to configure Twitter token and API keys.


To share what you are listening, only press F1 by default (if you are using ExecCommand1 config). If you're using another ExecCommand, these are the keys by default:.

ExecCommand1  = F1
ExecCommand2  = F2
ExecCommand3  = F3
ExecCommand4  = F4
ExecCommand5  = F5
ExecCommand6  = F6
ExecCommand7  = F7
ExecCommand8  = F8
ExecCommand9  = F9
ExecCommand10 = F10

To use another key, you can modify the keymap file.

Known issues

F1 won't execute the script

Some terminal emulators (like xfce4-terminal) use F1 key to show help. This make useless to use F1 for this purpose. The solution is changing ExecCommand1 by ExecCommand2 and using to share what you're listening to.


Feel free to make any changes if you think it works better.

If you are experiencing any problem with this, send me an email or leave a reply in the MOC forum.


This is a free software. You have permission to copy, distribute and modify the software according GNU GPLv2 License. For more information, see LICENSE file.