RavenDB Identity provider for ASP.NET Core. Let RavenDB manage your users and logins.
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RavenDB identity provider for ASP.NET Core.

The simple and easy Identity provider for RavenDB and ASP.NET Core. Use Raven to store your users and logins. Uses RavenDB 4+


  1. In Startup.cs:
public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
	// Add RavenDB and identity.
		.AddRavenDbAsyncSession(docStore) // Create a RavenDB IAsyncDocumentSession for each request. docStore is your IDocumentStore instance.
		.AddRavenDbIdentity<AppUser>(); // Use Raven for users and roles. AppUser is your class, a simple DTO to hold user data. See https://github.com/JudahGabriel/RavenDB.Identity/blob/master/Sample/Models/AppUser.cs

  1. In your controller actions, call .SaveChanges when you're done making changes. Typically this is done via a RavenController base class.

  2. You're done!

Need help? See the sample app.

Not using .NET Core? See our sister project for a RavenDB Identity Provider for MVC 5+ and WebAPI 2+ on the full .NET Framework.