An ASP.NET MVC project with RavenDB backend, using SendGrid and Twilio for user registration confirmation and optional two-factor authentication.
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RavenDB Modern MVC Starter Kit

An MVC sample project that uses RavenDB as the backend, supports user registration and confirmation via email (SendGrid), and optionally supports Two-Factor Authentication via email (SendGrid) or SMS (Twilio).

This project provides:

  • A RavenDB-backed identity provider, updated to work with the latest MS Identity Framework (2.1 at the time of this writing).
  • A registration confirmation system: when a user registers, he is required to confirm his registration via email. The email is sent via your developer SendGrid account. Upon registering, the user is presented with the following screen:

The user will receive an email with a confirmation link. Following the link, he'll be taken to this page:

- Optional two-factor authentication: Users can optionally go to their profile page and add a phone number and enable Two-Factor Authentication:

When the user enters his phone number, we send an SMS verification code via your developer Twilio account:

With Two-Factor Authentication enabled, when the user goes to sign-in next time, he will first login as usual, and then be prompted to enter the 2nd form of identification, either email or SMS:

The user will receive a verfication code via SMS or email and be redirected to the verification page:

Upon entering the verification code, they'll be able to sign in.

#To run this sample:

  1. Run a RavenDB server locally on the default port (8080). Alternately, change the RavenDB connection string in web.config to point it to a database somewhere else.
  2. Get a SendGrid account. Sign up here for a free 200 emails/day account.
  3. Get a Twilio account. Sign up here for a free account.
  4. Create an empty file in the RavenDB.ModernMvcStarterKit\RavenStarterKit directory, name it AppSettingsSecrets.config.ignore
  5. Put your Twilio and SendGrid credentials in AppSettingsSecrets.config.ignore, so that it looks like this:
      <!-- SendGrid--> 
      <add key="mailAccount" value="SendGrid account ID" />
      <add key="mailPassword" value="SendGrid password" />
      <!-- Twilio--> 
      <add key="TwilioSid" value="Twilio SID" />
      <add key="TwilioToken" value="Twilio secret token" />
      <add key="TwilioFromPhone" value="Twilio number here, e.g. +13334444333" /> 

That's it! You now have an MVC site with RavenDB, user registrations with email confirmation, plus optional Two-Factor Authentication.

Have fun!

Questions? I'm @judahgabriel on Twitter.