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Card acceptance configuration

judoKit is capable of detecting and accepting a huge array of Card Networks. An array of Card Networks defines a specific acceptance signature. This is used as shown below:

  • The default values for accepted Card Networks are Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro:
_acceptedCardNetworks = @[@(CardNetworkVisa), @(CardNetworkMasterCard), @(CardNetworkAMEX), @(CardNetworkMaestro)];
  • Any other card configuration that is available can be added, so the UI can accept the specific Card Network desired. BE AWARE you do need contact judo to configure your account for any other Card Network transactions to be processed successfully.

Address verification service

Since some accounts use AVS, we decided to give our developers the freedom to choose whether to show or hide the AVS fields. BE AWARE that if you activated AVS on our judo Dashboard, you will need to activate it in the SDK as well.

myJudoKitSession.theme.avsEnabled = YES;
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