Token pre authorization

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Create an intent for the pre-authorization Activity with the required extras (the details in the following snippet are dummy data – use the data for your account instead):

To do token pre-authorization you will need to store and retrieve two fields from the original receipt. These fields are the card token and the consumer token.

var cardToken = originalReceipt.CardDetails.CardToken;
var consumerToken = originalReceipt.Consumer.ConsumerToken;

Once you have retrieved these fields you can complete a token pre-authorization as follows

var tokenModel = new TokenPaymentModel
    //the value of the payment
    Amount = 1.01m,
    Currency = "GBP",

    // the card details
    CardToken = cardToken,
    CV2 = "452",

    // identify the recipient
    JudoId = YOUR_JUDO_ID,

    // provide an identifier for your customer
    ConsumerToken = consumerToken,

var response = await client.PreAuths.Create(tokenModel);
if (response.HasError)
    // Your error handling should go here.
    // You can see more detailed about the error by looking at response.Error

var receipt = response.Response as PaymentReceiptModel;
if (receipt != null)
    // Deal with a successful payment.
    Console.WriteLine("Payment successful. Transaction Reference {0}", receipt.ReceiptId);
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