Device DNA integration

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The Judopay platform uses a unique Device ID to identify a mobile device for real-time fraud prevention.

When a user of your mobile app performs an action that triggers a payment on your backend, you should gather the Device ID from the mobile device and send it to your backend to include with the payment request to Judopay. This guide explains the steps.

  1. Depending on your mobile app platform, follow the getting started guide for integrating DeviceDNA for iOS or Android.

  2. With the deviceIdentifier, key and value returned, send these values up to your API.

  3. Include the DeviceDNA fields in the clientDetails hash when performing a payment

    payment =
        :judoId => '<JUDO_ID>',
        :your_consumer_reference => '<CONSUMER_REFERENCE>',
        :your_payment_reference => '<PAYMENT_REFERENCE>',
        :amount => 5.01,
        :currency => 'GBP',
        :card_number => '4976000000003436',
        :expiry_date => '12/20',
        :cv2 => '452',
        :client_details => {
            "key" => key,
            "value" => value,
            "deviceIdentifier" => deviceIdentifier         
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