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Script to generate a box with two flexible hinges, for a laser cutter
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README creates an SVG for laser cutting a small box. This project has
no home page but its source code repository can be found online at

The box will have two flexible hinges and consists of three parts. This
method of making flexible hinges was invented by SNIJLAB, and this
specific box design is based on the one you can create at
<> for a small fee.

Doosje may be used, distributed and modified freely, by anyone, for any

To build an SVG change a few parameters in the file and then run

    perl > myfirstdoosje.svg

The resulting SVG might require some changes before it works with your
specific lasercutter; specifically, you might need to alter the stroke
color or width.

The parameters are documented in the script file itself.

Please share photos of your boxes, along with the generated SVG, on If you've made changes to, other than just
the box parameters, please contribute back on Github or send the
modified file or a diff to <>.
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