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ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 17: Creating Common Intermediate Language projects with .NET SDK
This is the seventeenth post of the ASP.NET Hack Advent. Until December 24th I'm going to post a link to a good community resource per day and a few lines about it.
Jürgen Gutsch
.NET Core
ASP.NET Hack Advent
Blog Post

For the todays ASP.NET Hack Advent post, I found a link to one of the awesome posts of Filip W. In this post Filip describes the new project type that allows you to write .NET Projects in IL code directly. He writes how to create a new Microsoft.NET.Sdk.IL project and how to write IL code. He also answered the most important question about why you might need to write IL code directly.

Filip is working as a senior software developer and lead developer near Zurich in Switzerland. He is a Microsoft MVP since 2013 and one of most important, influencing and well known member of the .NET developer community. He is creator and main contributor on scrtiptcs, contributes to roslyn and OmniSharp and many more open source projects. You should definitely follow him on Twitter and have a look into his other open source projects on GitHub:

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