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Harp + Grunt + AWS S3 Boilerplate

This is a static site generator boilerplate for Harp JS It add's grunt post processing and AWS S3 deployment.


Download or clone this repo.

npm install -g harp
npm install

Run Server & Compile

  • npm run server - This will launch the harp server and a browser sync server in proxy mode. Use this server during development. (replaces harp server)
  • npm run compile - This will compile the harp website into a static site. It performs grunt tasks and updates all tags with a .html extension. Copies files from the public folder to www folder and performs some housekeeping tasks. (replaces harp compile)
  • grunt deploy - Deploy to S3

AWS S3 Deployment

Create a file in the project root (same level as package.json) called aws-keys.json. Update the AccessKeyId, SecretKey, Region & Bucket with your own values from your AWS console.

// aws-keys.json
  "AWSRegion":  "us-west-2",
  "AWSBucket":  "mybucket"

When you run grunt deploy it will now read your AWS settings from this file. The contents of the www folder are deployed to the root of the S3 bucket. A diff will be performed on the files and only modified files are uploaded to S3.

Install as a Harp Boilerplate

If you have not installed harp already -

npm install -g harp

Create a harp project from a boilerplate. This will install to the current directory.

harp init --boilerplate JugglerX/harp/
npm install


Harp + Grunt + AWS S3 Boilerplate



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